A singer of remarkable vocal and interpretive gifts.”

— Gazzetta del Sud

An impressive singer.”

— Park Ridge Herald

A rarity...profoundly beautiful. The brief, stunned silence at the curtain, and the roars of approval that followed were proof of the powerful feelings elicited in the audience.” - Octavio Roca

— San Francisco Chronicle

About Helene's CD "A Mother's Love"

Helene Zindarsian is the type of personality one may encounter but once in a lifetime - a great voice combined with physical beauty and a courageous, indomitable spirit. Helene‚Äôs voice, whether in opera of the West or in music of her ancestral land, goes straight to the heart of the listener. Her voice is rich and vibrant and her interpretation is highly dramatic and inspired. In the sheer power and coloristic potential she commands, and in the ease with which she can handle an audience, Helene Zindarsian has unmistakable star quality.”

— Setrak Setrakian, composer and pianist, Lebanon

A Mother's Love will get you dreaming about a flowing and fantastic Armenian land far away. Taking a cue from her childhood, soprano Helene Zindarsian fills this recording with mystical Armenian melodies and lullabies easily recognizable to anyone with an Armenian grandmother. Her powerful restraint touches the sweetness of each song in this collection of lullabies in English and Armenian.”

— St. Vartan Bookstore, New York, NY

With the voice of an angel, Miss Zindarsian pays homage to her family and her Armenian heritage with this collection of seductive melodies. I was caught off guard by the beauty of these songs, and even more so by the way she sculpts the melodic lines and lyrical phrases into an end result that is nothing short of captivating. Magical talent revealing a magical people with a magical heart. Most recommended.”

— Reviewer: "leanit" (Petaluma, CA United States) -

For anyone who enjoys the unparalleled beauty and scope of the soprano voice, Helene's breathtakingly lyric and ardently expressive voice spins a sweet and hypnotic spell over the listener. Never before has such an inspired collection of archingly melodic songs been sung so movingly and soulfully in the Armenian language.”

— Patrick Michael Dukeman, actor and playwright

Listening to Helene's voice is like floating on a sea of cream...”

— Joseph Bacon, lutenist and guitarist